Have you ever been?

Have you ever been so bored, you seriously cannot find one thing to keep your mind occupied?


Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM this is my life.

From the moment my alarms goes off, at 5:00 AM, I go down the checklist. The checklist to boredom.

**But wait!!** At the end, I’m going to use my boredom brain power. I will create a list of things to keep anyone occupied. I consider myself a pro at boredom, so this will be good.

It usually goes something like this:


  1. Wake up: Brush off the cats; one trying to bite my toes; the other attempting a homocide, by making me fall.
  2. Get ready for work: make-up, clothes, shoes, Dale biting my toes, feed the animals, get Big Mac outside, packing a lunch and, usually wash dishes.
  3. Leave for work: Either drop Big Mac off at day care, or get straight on the highway. Drive about 20 minutes to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts!

I have to say…Dunkin’ Donuts is probably the highlight of my work day. They know my order: Medium Mocha Ice Coffee, no cream or sugar, 2 blue sugar packets. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a Turkey Sausage wake up wrap. It keeps them on their toes.

4.  Arrive at work: Turn on computer, raise standing desk, open emails, respond/print/send out appropriate emails.


5. During work: In the morning, by 8:00AM, I finish 100% of every important thing I have to do. They told me the last Admin did nothing….. I wonder why!!!! That means, from 8:01 AM – 4:00 PM, I’m doing NOTHING. FREAKING NOTHING.

There is not enough Facebook to scroll through. I cannot make any of my Pinterest crafts. I’m not important enough to get personal emails. My boyfriend works all day. I get BORED!

Now some people will think, “Well that’s awesome! You’re getting paid to sit and write a blog, or be on Facebook, or Pinterest all day”. Well sir, let me throw some knowledge at you… Sitting is not good for you! Staring at a computer screen is not good for you!

Why can’t I be back in my dream job?! At the end of March, I had to leave my dream job in Special Education. I needed a job that is more financially stable, since adulating and having adult bills, is well…expensive!


So here I am, an Admin at an Engineering company. They work year round and, have a decent hourly wage. I was so desperate for money, that during my interview, I lied BIG TIME! I mean, I couldn’t keep living with what was in my bank account anymore. I’d pay rent and bills with one whole paycheck. My back account would be back at $5 till next pay period. What would I do if I got hurt? My animals needed to go to the vet? My family needed emergency money? My car got damaged? Any type of emergency?

I needed gas, groceries, animal food, personal items, etc. My boyfriend and parents really helped me out…big time! I don’t know what I would have done with out them.

There I am at 24 years old, struggling. Literally, financially struggling. Credit card bills (without Tyler, my credit score and bank account would have been screwed!), electricity, heat, tv/internet, rent, car payment, cell phone payment, groceries and gas.

I was visiting at my parents house, and my sister told me to follow her outside. She popped her trunk, and it was FILLED with groceries. I mean FILLED. Here she was, pregnant with her third child, had a family of 4 1/2 to provide for, her own bills, mortgage, etc. She bought me $50 worth of groceries. There was no way I could re-pay her. I had no money.

My Mom and Dad paid an abundant amount of my bills; filled my gas tank to many times to count. My dad was just about to get his second hip replacement. Which meant, therapy and medical bills. They didn’t have the money! My mom is the only one providing an income but yet she wouldn’t let her youngest child suffer.

Tyler, he did A LOT! This guy, paid $400 to help me with my Discover card bill (this credit card has been a problem for years).

We’re not married, we have no financial ties. But yet, he saw how badly I was struggling, and new my Discover card was a problem. He has paid countless doggy day care bills, filled my gas tank, paid for EVERYTHING if we went out. I mean this guy wouldn’t let me suffer.

I can’t thank any of the guys enough! Seriously. The only thing I could do, is be there for them, like they were for me. My sister needs me to bring dinner, BOOM, I’m there. Mom wants something nice for her birthday (if reasonably priced) I’ll do it. Tyler is a little more tricky to help pay back. I want to buy him all the cute presents in the world but…he already has everything! I’ll try to buy dinner, buy him frozen yogurt, make him dinner, make him dessert…Something, anything!


Even with 2 jobs, I couldn’t make bills meet. It’s silly to think that working as an Admin, sitting on my butt, scrolling through Pinterest, and blogging; I make more money. Where as, helping children with special needs, educating them, and building better behavior, can’t even support a single life style.

Anyways! Getting off in a wild poor person tangent. By the time my computer say’s 3:00 PM, I’m getting excited. ONE MORE HOUR! You bet your ass, it hits 4:00 and I’m walking out the door. I’m not lasting one more second.

So we’ve reached the end. My rambling is done. But here it is! My list of what I/or anything should do when they’re bored out of their minds!

  1. Go on the usual: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, youtube, etc.
  2. Write a blog!
  3. Go outside and walk around
  4. Go outside and stand around
  5. Run to Walgreens (or any store) and pick up a coloring book
  6. Organize
  7. Clean your desk area
  8. Clean other’s desk area
  9. Walk laps around the office area
  10. Call some billing company and argue how they’re charging you to much money
  11. Gather recipes you want to make
  12. Gather DIY projects you want to make
  13. Look up ways to save money
  14. Plan out a vacation
  15. If you’re able, stalk your animals on your PetCube
  16. Plan our your grocery list
  17. Find coupons
  18. write your thoughts down
  19. make an inspiration mini board
  20. Think of exercise routines for at home
  21. Pinterest a bucket list
  22. Delete all old and unnecessary emails
  23. Stalk old friends on Facebook
  24. Delete bad pictures on Facebook
  25. Budget out your monthly expense. See what your spending habits are each pay period
  26. Create and “At Home” spa day
  27. Think of what to do when you go home
  28. Plan out your week
  29. Plan out your month
  30. Paint your toes/fingers
  31. Look up fun hair styles
  32. Watch your youtube subscribers
  33. Catch up on the news!
  34. Text your family
  35. Text your friends
  36. Text your dog
  37. Print out everything you need for the next day
  38. take those online quizzes
  39. Create online quizzes
  40. look at old photos on your phone/computer

Now those are only 40. Think of how many I can think of when I start from the beginning of the day! But right now, I’m booking my little booty out of here. Duces Engineering Company ✌️


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