Sugar, We’re Going Down


Have you ever seen those amazingly gorgeous, yet photo shopped, models with their summer bodies? I’m sure we all have. I bet that after seeing those bodies, you think, “man I want that!” then you look at what you’re eating…you slowly put the chocolate away….

Your first stop…PINTEREST! 30 day challenge to a sculpted butt! Ton those arms in just weeks! Lose 10 pounds easily! Eliminate these foods out of your diet! Fast affordable lunches that are healthy!

Dude, we’ve all done it. I do it daily.

Let’s be honest (lesbi-honest…no I’m not lesi, just like to say it), my body isn’t perfect. I got that big C on my thighs and tooshy. Kinda ashamed of it, kinda not. My stomach isn’t flat, and I’ll say it, my arms are a tad flabby. I’m NORMAL. You’re NORMAL. It’s society that’s fucked up.

Seriously, YouTube it girl. YouTube videos about how models get photo shopped. It’ll slowly open your mind to how it’s society perceives women.

Anyways! We all want to eat healthier. We all want to make those good portion control choices, or find the healthiest of choices at restaurants. Let me tell you…It’s freaking hard!

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard, “Now Susi, it’s processed and refined sugar. That’s what makes people gain weight. Just cut out the sugar, you’ll be fine!”

Well hypothetical Susi, it IS the sugar, they’re right.  BUT IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Unless you’re made of money or have a money tree growing in your back yard (jealous)… There’s no way you can stray away from the sugar and buy all organic, all natural foods. That shit is expensive.

Yeah right. Listen to me… I’m eating chocolate as I’m writing this. But I also know that woman, give and take, are only supposed to have around 24 grams of sugar per day (to maintain weight).

I watched a documentary on Netflix called: “The Sugar Film”. Click on the link to watch the trailer. It’s been out for a few years and is AMAZING!

This film taught me what I’ve been wanting to know… 1 teaspoon = 4 grams of sugar


Better believe this is the chocolate I’m eating.

If I had 6 delicious chocolate pieces, I’ll only have 4 grams of sugar left in my “daily diet”. But then, I also have to add in if I drink anything other than water, the food I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let’s do some detective work on what I’ve eaten thus far.


  •   Egg, Ham, Cheese on English muffin
  • Medium Mocha Ice Coffee. No Cream. No sugar.
    • I order with no sugar because they add in an ABSURD amount. To where I can literally crunch on the sugar. I got no time for cavities.
    • I stock up on their blue sugar packets. I don’t know why blue, not sure of the difference of color; except pink is sweet-n-low.
    •  I add maybe about 2 packets, but never more!
    • The Mocha already has sugar in it.
  • Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


  • Corn beef sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Air popped popcorn
  • Broccoli with ranch
  • Delicious after lunch chocolate
  •  Water

First of all, I drink water ALL day. No matter what.

I stopped drinking pop when I went to Northern Illinois. It didn’t fit in my meal plan, and was too expensive. I’d rather eat my parents money than drink it. That’s a reason why I didn’t gain any weight. I’ll obviously have a pop (with Captain Morgan) every now and then, but my go-to is water/water with lemon.

As you’ll see, there’s sugar in my ice-coffee, I’m not sure how much. I know that I’ve diminished a lot by taking out their cream (fat), and the DD amount of sugar. My coffee isn’t that sweet but, MY sugar amount helps with bitterness. There’s also 7g of sugar in my Greek yogurt.

With my lunch, I had some chocolate. The ranch I had, has sugar in it. The bread, although healthy, has sugar in it.

See!!! Everything has freaking sugar.




Also, read labels! Learn to read the labels! I’m not a nutritionist but I know what to look for. Even those “healthy foods” can be loaded with sugar. If you look at the label of some of those proclaimed “healthy” foods, it might not be as healthy as it seems.  (Use the label from above as a reference).

  • Serving Size! I want to know how much I can eat. Do I follow it? 99.5% of the time, no. But it’s good to know. Especially if you’re on a diet.
  • Calories. Obviously. Calories are a measurement of energy. I’m not a huge calorie counter. I’m a calorie watcher. If I’m eating ONE thing that’s over 800-900 calories…it better fill me up for majority of the day. You can easily go to a restaurant, order a meal that you think is healthy, and eat over 1,000 calories.
  •  Total Fat. Fat is fat. Fat makes people chunky. Unnatural fat is bad. Period.
  • SODIUM. F*** SODIUM. If you know me personally, I hate sodium. My father has has congenital heart failure stemming from a poor diet of sodium. He is on an extremely low sodium diet. Sodium is a silent killer. Sodium = salt. The amount of salt you intake can INCREASE blood pressure, hence leading to heart disease. Salt also makes your body retain water. If you’re eating an abundant amount of salt, your heart won’t pump it out as fast. Woman should really only have around 800mg of Sodium per day.
  • Sugar. The reason for this blog. Just like sodium, watch your sugar intake. It’s a sneaky bitch.
  • Protein. Protein is extremely important! Women do not get enough protein in their daily diets. Unless they obviously are making a conscious effort. When I did kickboxing (hopefully will be starting again soon), my trainer told me I needed to eat my weight in protein. So about 30g per day. I’m not joking when I say this, I just stared at him. How the hell am I going to eat 30g of protein in ONE day!? Between 2 jobs, school, dog, kittens, sleep, cleaning, etc. I didn’t even have time to create new brain cells, let alone eat 30g of protein. Ha. He’s funny. But of course, he’s right. EAT HIGH PROTEIN, HEALTHY FOODS.

With all that being said, I’m going to share my ways of “healthy” eating. I say “healthy” because I’m too poor for organic or all natural. But I make the best of what I have.

**Disclaimer** I’m not going to preach, “Healthy food all the way! Portion control is the way to go! Just stop drinking pop…gosh”. I like sugar. It makes my taste buds happy. Also, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Personally, I have trained my mind to know when my limit is, and I know I can make any unhealthy thing just a little bit more healthier.

But sometimes you just need to eat that chocolate cake.

Becca’s “Healthier” Choices:

  • Water water water water water water
  •  I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Ladies, I know…Margaritas are DELICIOUS. They are my world. I can easily down 2 margaritas, especially with those tacos! But I also know, alcohol is empty calories. Just be careful, seriously. It’s not hard to understand. If you drink all weekend, you’re not going to feel great and, you’re not going to look great either. I dare you…Google how much sugar is in a strawberry/mango margarita.
  • WHOLE GRAIN bread. Not wheat. Not white. Not potato. Not Hawaiian. The more the grains the better.
  • Greek Yogurt!! Everyone is all about Chobani, Oikos, Yoplait, or Dannon. For the longest time I was a Yoplait Greek 100 girl. They have delicious flavors, low sugar, low carb, and high protein. I’m not a fan of Chobani, just because of the taste (No offense to Chobani lovers or the company. Much love). I discovered Dannon Light & Fit Greek 80 calorie. The Greek yogurt gods have spoken to me. Not only do they have my strawberry and strawberry cheesecake. They have CHOCOLATE raspberry/cherry, and banana cream. So good!!! 80 calories. Sodium is 50g! Carbs are only 9g. Sugar is 7g. And protein is 12g! Hey girl, hey. I highly recommend this!

Go to the grocery store for yourself, and compare. Look at ingredients as well!


  • Frozen/canned (no salt added) veggies.
  • Fruit. I love fruit. LOVE IT! I can eat a whole cantaloupe by myself in one sitting *pat on the back* but the wrong fruit is loaded with natural sugar and carbs. I eat fruits in the morning! That way they give me energy for the day. Here’s a list I found on Pinterest:


    • Almonds and cranberries, or Pistachios (I make my own mix and I only buy plain almonds with no salt added).
    • Len & Larry’s protein cookie
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Scrambled egg whites
    • Salad
    • Black olives
    • Luna bar
    •  Carrots/broccoli and cauliflower, bell peppers, celery
    • Greek yogurt
    • Cherries
    • Cottage cheese and grapes/cantaloupe/bananas
  • An abundant amount of hard boiled eggs. Great protein!
  • If I have a choice, I don’t add butter or salt. Just like beer, you get used to it
  • Sweet tooth cravings:
    • Halo protein Ice Cream
    • Greek yogurt blueberry muffins
    • Homemade strawberry banana ice cream
    • Sherbet
    • Dark chocolate almonds
    • Dark chocolate anything!
    • Popcorn
    • Skinny Girl Vodka and Sprite!

These are just a few! Comment below and let me know what you do or what your thoughts are!

Going out to eat and making healthy choices is HARD. I give the people on diets major props. It’s hard because you:

  1. See the food
  2. Smell the food
  3. Pictures look delicious
  4. Temptation from others

My boyfriend will give me shit for days if  we go out to a nice restaurant, and I order a salad as the entree. He say’s, and I quote, “We’re out to eat. Not for a salad that you can make at home.” And being the person I am, I choose my battles. I’d rather yell at him for other things, than a silly salad. Plus, he pays 98% of the time, and I agree with him.

I don’t have a good solution to restaurants. I’ll be honest, I don’t. I can give advice on what I do and maybe that can help.

  • Order water with lemon
  • I’ll eat more of the appetizer than the entree. Reason because, I think the entrée is where a lot of the sodium, carbs, and calories are. So I’d rather take most of it home and eat it earlier the next day.
  • If given a choice, I choose veggies over fries (it’s hard).
  • I’ll go bun-less if we’re eating burgers. Also will choose a veggie or turkey burger. I don’t taste any difference.
  • I try to stay away from soups due to sodium
  •  I usually ask for no cheese
  • If I do get a salad, I ALWAYS get dressing on the side. NEVER EVER on the salad. They put way too much on there. Get extra dressing on the side, if you’re worried you won’t have enough. But I promise, you’ll use much less.


These are just some of the alternatives I do. I know there’s TONS more. But I hope this helps!!

Check out my Pinterest page! I have a lot of fun healthy recipe ideas, and I’ll even post the ones that have worked out well for me!

Leave your comment below to give me your opinion! I would love to know what you do, and what I can do better!



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