What I Don’t Understand Is…

I was listening to my FAVORITE radio talk show this morning, 103.5 KISS FM.

If you’re in that area, listen to the Fred & Angie Morning Show! It’s the highlight of my commute. They have iHeart radio, so crank that S*** up!

This morning, Fred was talking about how he doesn’t understand the old school & new school Death Metal. Personally, I don’t mind it. I actually like some of it! But then it got me thinking…there are a lot things I don’t understand!

With all the new fads, trends, toys, words…who can keep up?!?

Does that mean, I’m not hip with it anymore? I mean I’m only 25…I think I still have some youth left.

It got me thinking…. What are the things I don’t understand:

Fidget Spinners

WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!


This. This is what people are so obsessed over. And adults to?!

This thing. It looks like a poorly made ninja star. The type they practice with, throwing them at friends, practicing their aiming. This is what people are obsessing over?!?! Really 21st century? Really millennial.

I mean…I guess…there are some cool designs. But then people are getting this buzzed into their hair? No. No thanks.

Here’s where I’m coming from. I’ve worked in Special Education. Sped Ed is the Holy Mecca of fidgets. We carry fidgets with us on a daily. I have a filing cabinet dedicated to fidgets. And these things, do not make the cut. If I want to fidget, I’m going to grab something with texture. Something I can rip apart and put back together. Plus, in Sped Ed, you get crap thrown at you. I rather have a coosh ball thrown at me than a fake ninja star.

The Man Bun

Let’s, let the picture do the explaining…


A. Nice beard line.

B. You have better hair than me.

C. No.

No man. I repeat, NO MAN (even with amazing genetics), should have better hair than a woman.

Reason being: WE PAY $1,000 TO MAKE OUR HAIR LOOK LIKE THIS. Go ahead, have healthy hair. I want you to be healthy. But no. The answer is no. Spend the amount of money, we woman do, and then we can talk about man buns…sir.



It’s Babe.

Children Leashes


Are you kidding world. Really. Have you stopped the art of parenting?! 

Have you become so lazy that you have to put your own chil on leashes.

“Well… my kid is so high energy. He’s always getting into things…I can’t keep track of him… He just gets away… It’s so frustrating taking him into public, he’s a menace… I’ll loose him. “

Sounds like, “I’m lazy and afraid to discipline my child”. 

I’m not saying hit your child, but when your child is running around, out of control…that’s because he knows you’re not going to do anything! DUHHHHH.

Lets take a little trip back in time. To a time known as, the 90s. Let’s say 1997, I was 5 years old, my brother was 6. My mom would take us to the mall, and after feeding my brother….We would be jerks. Fighting each other, yelling at each other, running around hiding in clothes, running around in general, laughing like The Joker. And you know what my mom would do? 

She would be a mom. 

**Insert Mind blowing**

She would grab whatever body part she could and whip you back into shape; whether it be with words or a quick slap on the butt. She ALWAYS told us, “Your brain fell in your butt. We need to get it back up”.

Seeing a child on a leash doesn’t make me think the child is out of control. It makes me think that the parent isn’t doing their job; teaching their child boundaries and rules. Let them be creative but within boundaries and rules.

Why are there no Healthy Fast Food Places?!

This is the 21st Century! Eating healthy is on the uprise! Everybody, including myself, is looking for fast healthy food. I want to be able to drive through a  drive through, order a salad, and know it’s not filled with added sugar. A place where they do not even give an option of french fries or onion rings. These restaurants could make millions! It could help the obesity epidemic! Why hasn’t this become a thing yet?!


Those are just some of the things, that frankly, I don’t understand. Personally, I’ll never understand them.

Leave a comment and tell me what you don’t understand! Share this post! Pin it on Pinterest so your friends will see!

20 thoughts on “What I Don’t Understand Is…

Add yours

  1. Hahaha! Love this list!
    1. Fidget spinners – what’s so special about spinning this little piece of plastic? You can just as easily spin a plastic plate on your finger. It’s like a fancy miniature Frisbee that you can’t play catch with.
    2. Man-buns – rarely suits anyone. I haven’t seen one guy who has got the Man-bun right. Wrongly done, you could look like a balloon.
    3. Bae – downright annoying. How difficult is it to add one syllable. Also, where I’m from ‘bae’ is actually a slang word in general parlance that is used to try an intimidate someone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really like this post, you made me laugh and I agree with you, loved the photo of the cat and it is the reason and the title of your post that got me clicking through. Thank you, you made me laugh, feel much better now, glad I don’t understand a lot either!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha! I’m literally cracking up because I’ve had the same dialogue in my head over ALL of these things. For real. What in the actual EFF with these things!?

    Liked by 1 person

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