Finding Motivation on Bad Days

We’re Getting Real.

We all have them. It all sucks just as equally. It makes us not want to do anything, just lay in bed and let the day pass.

Nothing can help your mood. Not ice cream. Not chocolate. No doggy cuddles. Nothing.

Everyone is constantly telling you that you’re being to quiet, you need to smile, that you just need to think more positive.

And all we want to do is say a big F*** you. They don’t know what’s going through our minds. They don’t feel how we feel. They don’t know if there is an actual reason behind our mood.


Finding motivation on these days, is almost nearly impossible. You just don’t want to do anything. It’s like, why even try? You’re not gonna enjoy anyways.

Personally, Ive been struggling with this lately. It’s like I have Peppy Positive on my right shoulder, and a Negative Nancy on my left shoulder, and my right ear is deaf. No matter what I do, or what I think. Negative Nancy is whispering “what if…This has happened before…You’re doing this…Don’t do that…It’s not worth it…you’re not worth it….the universe is against you…there’s a lot better out there….”. No matter what I do, no matter what positive thoughts I think, Nancy is louder than any of that. Until I found my one outage, kickboxing. It helps me get my pent up frustrations out. The ones I have to bottle up and never speak of. Even just going a couple times a week, it has helped me re-build lost confidence. 

How do you know that life isn’t defined by the Negative Nancy.  How would I stay motivated?

  • Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins to help you actually feel better. It helps you become more focused through the day.  Just like in Legally Blonde “exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”. Get a cheap gym membership. Pick up roller blading, or bike riding. Go home and take your dog on a nice long walk, bring music with you.
  • Finish a project you started a while ago. Sometimes knowing that you’ve completed something is a really good feeling. You can look at it and think, “yeah I did that”
  • Remind yourself of the outcome! If you’ve lost your motivation mid project. It’s okay to take a step back but remind yourself of how great the outcome will be.
  • Create a vision board! Pinterest is THE BEST place to find amazing empowering quotes. Print out a bunch to help you in any situation. Print quotes out that will remind you of the outcome that you’re trying to achieve.
  • Reward yourself! Don’t get carried away but, if you finally beat a goal, reward yourself! You deserve it! It’s hard to step out of a comfort zone or an unmotivated zone. But you did it!
  • Surround yourself with POSITIVITY. Remove all the negative distractions that are keeping you from staying motivated. I call it the great purge. Early May, I purged a lot of the “friends” that would be there when it was convenient for them. I’ve never regretted it. 
  • Acknowledge any progress that has been made. Getting up, out of bed, getting work done, is progress!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s not doing anyone good. That person you’re comparing yourself to is 100% a completely different human being. They’re not you, and not living your life.
  • Wake up early! You have the whole day to tackle.
  • Volunteer. Sometime seeing a different situation where you see how blessed you are, is just the kick in the butt you need.
  • Do a little retail therapy! Mamma could always use a new outfit to make yourself feel good, and look good.
  • Walk dogs at the animals shelter. Give adorable kittens lots of love. Animals have a natural capability to make us feel better about anything.
  • Talk to your family. Talk to close friends. Maybe they can help give you words of encouragement.
  • Lastly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You’re the one on this journey. You have the capability of doing anything you set your mind to.

Time is always something to consider. Maybe, just thinking through some thoughts, and devising a game plan is all you need!

Regardless, know that there is ALWAYS someone willing to help you if it get’s to hard.


What do you do if you’re lacking motivation? Let me know your thoughts on the situation.

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