Pet Safety For The Summer

The 4th of July is tomorrow! Fireworks! BBQs! Boat rides! Picnics! We love to do it all!

There might be one family member not for the 4th of July life…

Our fur babies

Majority of pet owners will have an animal scared of the loud boom of fireworks. We love our fur babies to death, and we want to keep them safe.

With summer here, let’s remind of important safety tips to avoid a trip to the vet’s office.

BBQ’s = No NO Q’s

It is most overlooked aspect of the summer. BBQ’s are my favorite! I love the smell of it, and the delicious food! But there’s some pretty dangerous things that are harmful to our animals.

Alcoholic Beverages: If you’re like me I’ll have one margarita in hand, and one on the side. Alcohol is technically poison for our animals. If a lot is consumed, it can have a major impact on organ function. Be mindful where you’re keeping your beer or cocktail. Keep them out of reach! You don’t want to ┬áhave an emergency vet visit for a silly mistake.

Grills: Lighter fluid, heat/smoke, and matches are all dangerous for our pets. Matches are usually not thought of as dangerous. But studies have shown that certain matches contain a chemical that can hurt respiratory function, damage blood cells, or worse,  cause kidney failure.

Lighter fluid if inhaled can irritate respiratory system, but can also irritate the skin. If your pup accidentally ingest lighter fluid it can irritate some sensitive organs and bring on an upset tummy.

Human Food

Sharing is not always caring

We all do it. We love to share our delicious food with our fur babies. They drool and give the puppy eyes until you share that burger or hotdog. What some might not know are the harmful foods that are potentially very dangerous.

Onions, avocados, chocolate and alcohol are just some of the few on the list.

Take a look to see what else is on the list:


Accidents happen but lets no make a trip to the emergency vet, sometimes that’s not always affordable.

Summer Heat!

This is a big one. Dogs especially, DO NOT sweat, other than from the sweat glands on their paws. They work hard maintain their body temperature. That’s why it is best to keep water on hand, and keep our pups out of the sun as much as possible.

Swimming The Summer Heat Away

Swimming is a great way to keep your pup cool. But not all breeds are meant for swimming. Do not force your fur baby to swim when they are terrified. If you’re near salt water, be mindful of how much is getting ingested. An over ingestion of salt water can cause seizures. Also, if you’re on a boat consider investing in a doggy life jacket! Not only is it adorable picture opportunities, it’ll keep them safe if they accidentally fall off.

Click the picture to be brought to 7+ Best Life Jackets for Dogs

Human Toys

Pool parties will bring out the fun human toys. Our pups will see how fun they are and will want to play with them to! But if we’re not careful, those fun toys can turn into dangerous choking hazards. The most popular holiday toy is the glow jewelry. If chewed on and broken, it can be a serious poison. Be mindful of what your pup is chewing on. Let’s not make them glow this holiday.

Firework Safety

Fireworks are fun for all adults and children! But what can be fun for us, is terror to our furry friends. The loud chaos can spark the Fight or Flight in our animals. It is highly recommended to keep your cat or dog inside during this holiday, especially at night.

Even if they’re inside, make sure they have all appropriate identification tags on. You never know what might happen.

We might go out to watch the fireworks, but lets make sure we keep our animals safe and calm during a time of chaos in their lives. Some dogs might not show a phobia of the loud boom, but sound sensitivity can develop over time and age.

Try this!

  • Try giving your pup a summer treat can keep them distracted from the sounds of fireworks going off!


  • Give them a cool safe place. Turn on the air conditioning and put them in a space where they feel calm and is non-escapable. Also, keep the TV or radio on. This will help make them feel you’re at home. A side noise will also help distract them from far away booms of fireworks.

Check out this handy infographic about pet safety during the 4th of July.



What do you guys do for the 4th?! What are your ways of keeping your fur babies safe?! Comment below with what you do!

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