Autism Awareness

Turn the volume up, all the way!

Watch this video.

Have you ever been trapped in a loud, crowded, bright room? A place where people get in your face, just to make eye contact. You look to your right, loud people. You look to your left, bright lights flashing. You want to tell someone you need help, but nobody is understanding. Do they not see you? Someone puts you in a corner. You’re feeling misunderstood. Why isn’t someone helping you?

This is what it could feel like for a person on the Autism Spectrum.

When you ask someone, “what is Autism?”. The popular response is, Rain Man!

But what happens when you take away the savant, take away the words, take away the self control.

Imagine someone taking away your words. Taking away your social skills. Having people force you to look in their eyes.

Imagine a life where you see and hear things differently. A simple ticking of a clock, hurting your ears. 

Imagine everyone making a choice for you, but your own. 

Think of how frustrating it is when you’re TRYING to communicate you want a drink of water. But they give you a bath instead. 

Imagine becoming so frustrated that you feel out of control. You’re body is not yours. What do you do if you can’t calm yourself down? 

These are just some of the struggles kiddos with ASD deal with. Not many people realize that there is a low side to the Spectrum. And it might not be all Daisy’s over there.

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