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Hey Ladies!

Welcome to my Lips By Becca Page!

I am an independent distributor for SeneGence LipSense and I can’t tell you how excited I am!!

With wedding season upon us, we woman need to stick together and share those beauty secrets! Your lip color can draw a lot of attention! Why apply your favorite color and it get smudged away within seconds?!

That’s why I need to share this! Have you ever heard of LipSense?! Let me tell you!

What is LipSense?


Kiss Proof | Smudge Proof | Water Proof |

36 + Shades of LipSense lip color & 10 + Lip glosses!

Gluten Free | Wax Free | Cruelty Free | Lead Free | Non GMO Lipstick!

It can last up to 18 hours!

Let me tell you! I love the pink tone colors, especially paired with the Matte Gloss!

The darker Lip Colors are TO DYE FOR!



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Feel free to ask my any questions! I’d love to answer them. I won’t sell, just answer! Everyone deserves to learn about new things!




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